Who We Are

Q-Map (Quality Medical Assurance Practice) Consultants  is a collective of professional legal registered nurses that can be part of your legal team. We serve as advisers on legal cases, providing assistance to legal professionals by interpreting medical records, medical terminology and collaborating with multiple disciplines in case presentations. 

Dedicated and committed to delivering quality services that are personalized on a case by case basis. We excel in matters concerning healthcare related services. Q-Map legal nurse consultants is resource for professionals and the public to gain information and knowledge on medical and legal issues pertaining to health related services. 
About Us

Strategic Goals

Q-Map Consultants compromise of professional registered nurses with expertise in all health care related matters and are highly resourceful in obtaining information that leads to quality results. We integrate other health care disciplines into our practice to ensure that all elements of the complex health care system are met. We strive to lead you to quality results by utilizing evidence-based practice which provides clarity and visibility on cases pertaining to health care services. Based on leading standard of care, our consultants work to develop and offer strategies that are comprehensive and individualized.